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As I’m sure you all know, my platform is mental health. Although it is a very common platform this year in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant it is also a very important cause that needs a light shawn on it in terms of ending the negative stigma associated with mental illnesses. Some of my friends in high school were diagnosed with depression and had a really hard time dealing with their illness and other peers in school. They didn’t want anyone to know about their mental illness and as a result, no one understood why they were acting different at certain times. Some say depression is an excuse to avoid dealing with responsibility in life, but they think this only because they are uneducated on the illness and don’t understand. Creating awareness about what it is like to have depression, giving people something to relate to, and spreading the word that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of is the first step towards changing the negative stigma.

As a musician, I express myself and my beliefs through my music and song writing. I wrote a song and created a music video called Breathe Easy to support those with mental illness. The lyrics in the song describe how a person with depression feels and how it is so important to support our friends when they are going through hard times. Creating awareness is the first step towards finding support.

I believe that people respond to music. Music is a way to storytelling that holds people’s attention and if you get the right lyrics and melody people will feel a connection to your message. I once performed Breathe Easy for a competition in Nashville and the judges started to cry. They heard the message loud and clear and they could relate to person in the song. One out of five people will suffer from mental illness sometime in their life.

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I had the very fortunate experience of meeting a very kind veteran named Major Nick Nicolas who at the age of 70 was doing a 13 day walk through the Rideau Trail from Kingston to Ottawa to raise money to train service dogs for Veterans with PTSD. I was so inspired by Major Nick that I wrote a song to help create awareness about PTSD, called Carry You. Major Nicolas invited me to sing the song at his kick off in Kingston and then on Canada Day as he arrived at the Aviation Center in Ottawa. I was so honored to do so. In a blog that Major Nicolas was writing he referred to me as a humanitarian and he could not have given me a greater compliment.

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If I was chosen as Miss Teenage Canada I would continue doing humanitarian work using my music to tell the stories that need to be heard. I would use my music to help the less fortunate and use my music to teach the more difficult messages that need to be taught.

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