Spring is always a great time of year. All of the snow melts, the trees start to get their leaves back, and the temperature is above 0 for a few days in a row (until we get some spontaneous snowfall). One of my favourite parts about springtime is Easter. With free chocolate, giant bunnies, and pretty colours, Easter gives us that kick to help us out of our winter slump. This year, I was so fortunate to participate in the Pickering Easter Parade on April 15th. I had never been in a parade before so this was really exciting for me. This was also my first big appearance as a titleholder so there was also that to look forward to. After getting all my application forms in, the first order of business was getting a car. I tried calling a few dealerships without much luck before asking my friends. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get much luck from that either but, lo and behold, turns out my friend’s mom’s boyfriend has a bright yellow 1994 Chevrolet Corvette and he was more than happy to use it in the parade.

Yellow, blue, and pink feel very festive!

After expressing my gratitude, it came time to think about signs to put on the car announcing who I was. My original plan was to attach the signs using magnets so not to damage the paint job with tape. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work as the frame of the car was built out of fiberglass. Plan B was to use craft wire and tape it to the inside of the car.

I was really happy with how they turned out!

Now that the car and the signs were all sorted out, it was time to think about my princess dress. In my neighbourhood, there’s a fabulous dress shop called Play It Again Val where I’ve bought every single gown I’ve ever worn. Grade 8 grad, dresses for gigs, my prom dress last year, my pageant dress, and my prom dress this year were all purchased at Play it Again Val for AMAZING prices so, logically, that was the first place I went to find my princess dress. As it turns out, I found a beautiful pink one shoulder gown for $100 in one try. A week before the parade, I was so excited and everything was ready to go then I looked at the weather forecast… rain. I was literally going to rain on my parade. I didn’t mind though. I waterproofed my signs, grabbed an umbrella, and smiled and waved while my dress got soaking wet. Being a former Girl Guide, I’m definitely not afraid of a little rain!

I had a basket of chocolate eggs and little plastic tiaras to throw to the kids and a lot of them were really excited to catch them. I even heard a little girl saying “Mommy, I’m going to meet a real princess!”. All in all, it was a great time. After the parade, I was able to interact with some of the community members and take some pictures with the kids. I really loved having the opportunity to wear my sash and crown at a community event. Seeing how excited the little ones were to meet reminded me of my role as a mentor and role model in my community.

Written by: Adanna

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