Fashion is a very important aspect of our identities. The way we lresent ourselves to the world says a lot about our character and our persobalities. is a new fashion blog website dedicated to showcasing styles from across Canada. Written for the people by the people, Street Chic offers a unique insight into some of the fashions being worn by Canadians. I had the honour of writing an article for Street Chic showcasing some of the things that teens in my area were wearing. (Link: COMING SOON!) Here, I am offering some bonus content for the post I made on I’m posting 2 extra interviews in addition to the 4 I posted over there so make sure you check that out too! Enjoy!!

Imani, 13
Shirt: Silk Screened
Pants: Thrifted


At 13 years old, Imani is just finding her style. She’s begining to put together outfit’s that reflect her artistic personality. Imami designs and sells t-shirts online and likes to makr her own things and wear old clothes and make them stylish. “Fashion is a method of self expression and it can be related to a group or a culture or just be lots of fun!” – Imani

Imani show cases her unique style


Haydee looks great in her t-shirt dress.

Haydee, 19

“Fashion has meant absolutely everything to me for as long as I can remember. Even as a toddler I was wrapping shoelaces around my feet in different designs to represent shoes. I never let my mom dress me because I wanted to pick out my own clothes. When I was 8 years old I was aware of trends and how to make them my own based on what I had. In the past few years I’ve realized that fashion is something that I want to pursue as a career. I want to help people express themselves and feel comfortable and confident with themselves externally, so then they can better themselves internally. Personally, fashion has always been a way for me to show people who I am without using words, and when I feel like I’m being visually represented, I feel incredibly content in who I am. That’s why I think fashion is so important. It’s this huge cultural part of human nature and it can entirely affect how you feel about yourself and others, and has no boundaries.” – Haydee

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Written by: Adanna

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