To say that this past week has been incredible at MTC is an understatement. There are so many genuine and beautiful girls inside out that I’ve met here in Toronto this week. It’s amazing to know these girls from all over Canada have come together to make a difference, make memories and friends for a lifetime.  I am forever grateful for this experience.

Yesterday, we went to the Eaton Centre for lunch and stopped at this gorgeous little blue vintage van from Richtree Market.  This Volkswagen van from the sixties is just so much fun, we had to take pictures! The Staff there were so friendly and welcoming as each of us took pictures beside them in front of the volkswagen. We also received these cute vintage bottles with sprite and coke. These bottles are fun to collect so make your way over and grab yours when you have the chance!


If you are into the ever growing vintage fad and a healthy lifestyle than Richtree Market is a must for you. There are hundreds of Vintage Clubs now across the world with people actually trying to live the vintage life, so our little Richtree Market with the vintage Taco van and all natural food is a perfect setting place to have your very unique and valuable meal. Prices were excellent and knowing that your meal is healthy and all natural makes out for a happy shopper at the Eaton Centre! 

IMG_1137 (1)

Thanks for reading everyone, Preliminary’s are tonight! It’s not too late to vote so if you have time please vote for me for the peoples choice award, you have until Sunday and here’s the link 🙂

Amanda Jordan <3

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